Prizes 獎品

A. Special Prize
4 Special Prizes will be awarded with fabulous cash prizes over HK$100,000 in total.

  1. The Best Creativity Award (HK$2,000 for the winning team)
  2. The Best Commercial Value Award (HK$2,000 for the winning team)
  3. Highest Degree of Completion Award (HK$2,000 for the winning team)
  4. The Best Use of Unity Award (Unity Pro 4.x License (12 months subscription) worth HKD 7,000
    for the winning team)

B. Internet Polling Award
Awardee of “Internet Polling Award” of Shanghai-Hong Kong Hackathon 2014 will also be selected and nominated to participate in the lnternational Hackathon 2014 in April.

The above winning teams* will also have a chance to exchange and participate the MoDev in Shanghai in early April. Complimentary round-trip ticket and hotel accommodation (2-day-1-night) will be provided by the Organiser.

* 1 team will be selected in each category and will not be duplicated. 

A. 特別獎

  1. 最具創意獎 (現金獎港幣2,000元正) *
  2. 最具商業價值獎 (現金獎港幣2,000元正) *
  3. 完成度最高獎 (現金獎港幣2,000元正) *
  4. Unity 最佳應用大獎 (“Unity 專業版一年使用授權許可“價值港幣7,000元正)*

B. 網絡評選獎項

以上各得獎隊伍*更有機會參加4月上旬於上海舉行的 MoDev 大賽, 主辦機構會提供住宿及來回機票